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Carob powder is a great alternative to cocoa powder. It looks exactly the same except that it  is made from dried, roasted carob pods that are ground down to form a powder. There are many ways in which this chocolate-tasting ingredient can be used, however most use it as a natural sweetener in baking. Carob is considered to be a healthier alternative than the likes of cocoa as there is no need to add sugar due to being naturally sweet in flavour. Carob is not a form of chocolate but has a sweet chocolate-y flavour.

Carob Powder Benefits

Carob powder is naturally low in fat, however it has a higher sugar content than cocoa powder. It can actually help you to stay fuller for longer due to its high fibre content - just two tablespoons of carob powder contains 5 grams of fibre, which is 20% of the recommended daily allowance of fibre! Fibre is important to have in your daily diet for your body and gut to function properly. Whether you believe it or not, carob is in fact a form of calcium with 2 tablespoons providing you with 42 mg of calcium - add to a mug of hot milk for a nutritious hot chocolate that is rich in calcium!

If you love healthy chocolate alternatives why not buy carob powder and start experimenting with your favourite recipes - simply replace cocoa or cacao in a recipe and reduce the quantity of sugar - easy! We do not currently sell raw carob powder but we do provide the purest form of carob you can buy along with organic options available too.

Key Takeaways:

  • Low in fat
  • Rich in calcium
  • High in fibre
  • Low in sodium
  • Healthiest form of chocolate you can buy

Ways to use Carob Powder

There are an abundance of ways to use this chocolate-y powder, simply replace cocoa to incorporate carob into your diet and into your recipes.

  • Make a chocolate smoothie by adding to frozen banana, almond butter and almond milk
  • Use instead of other chocolate powders to make a healthier hot chocolate
  • Create your own brownies using carob powder instead of cocoa
  • Use in baking and make chocolate cookies or marble loaf cake
  • Try your hand at our delicious carob banana bread recipe
  • Stir into a warm bowl of porridge and sprinkle with toasted almonds

Carob Powder Wholesale and Bulk Purchases

If you are a bakery, restaurant or just love to bake with new whole food ingredients, you can buy carob powder online in bulk from us for larger or wholesale purchases. We stock a range of sizes from 250g to 25kg - great for keeping the cupboards well stocked! We ship all of our products to the UK and throughout Europe with trustworthy services that deliver in fast and efficient time.

If you love all things organic, why not try our organic carob powder - organic simply means it has been produced completely naturally throughout the entire production process with no added chemicals to speed up the process.


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