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Candied Stem Ginger

Crystallised ginger also known as glace or candied stem ginger, is enjoyed by many of our customers throughout the year.

Ginger is well known to be easy on the stomach and can often be linked to curbing a feeling of sickness and aiding digestion - more information can be found on reliable sources of health information online.

Crystallised stem ginger has a sweet taste that compliments the natural spice of the root. It is incredibly moreish and can curb a craving for something sweet.

How is ginger crystallised?

Stem ginger is crystallised by immersing in sugar syrup (boiling water and sugar) until the syrup becomes thick and sticky. The ginger is then removed from the pan, coated in sugar and layed out to cool for a long period of time. Once completely cool, the crystallised ginger will keep for a few months and can be enjoyed in various ways.

Ways to enjoy crystallised stem ginger

  • Eat straight out of the bag
  • Add to ginger snap baking recipes
  • Add small chunks to ginger jam recipes for added texture
  • Make festive cookies and add glace ginger pieces
  • Use to infuse ginger tea for a subtle spice and a touch of sweetness 

Buy crystallised ginger online in a range of sizes including bulk for larger wholesale purchases.We post to most of the UK and throughout Europe with fast and efficient delivery times that are suited to you.



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