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Cacao & Cocoa Butter

This beauty looks, feels, smells and tastes good: a veritable sensual treat! Our cocoa butter is derived from the oil released when the nibs are pressed. Once solidified, it becomes a light yellowish colour with a delicate chocolate-y aroma and flavour. With a melting point of about 35 degrees and a silky smooth texture, it's a very versatile product. The brilliant physical and nutritional properties of cocoa butter mean it's often used as an ingredient in skin care preparations such as soaps, creams, balms and lotions. Health and beauty aside, it's also deliciously edible! Add it to your favourite superfood recipes and homemade raw chocolate to enjoy its melt-in-the-mouth richness.

Buy cocoa butter online in a variety of different ways from raw cocoa butter drops to roasted cocoa butter.


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