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Cacao & Chocolate

Need we say much about the delights of chocolate? As one of the most widely loved treats and flavourings in the world (and in our very own warehouse) our team are firmly dedicated to supplying only the natural chocolate and cacao products we ourselves are most impressed with. Naturally, this happens to include superb organic, gluten-free and dairy-free chocolates, both in raw form and classic traditional styles. So have fun browsing and picking up treats for all diets and taste buds. You’ll find plenty of chocolate bars, cacao and cocoa powder, paste, beans, nibs and butter too.

Stocking the very best natural chocolate brands

We proudly present to you a huge choice of luxury chocolate produce from outstanding chocolatiers including Green & Blacks, Seed and Bean, Ombars, Plamil, Chocolate & Love, Booja-Booja and Willies Cacao. The vast majority of these treats contain fully organic ingredients – and plenty of real, pure cacao!

We have some exclusively sourced chocolate treats too, including our much-loved chocolate drops from Belgium. Fancy a new flavour altogether? Try the catchily-named Choc Chick Chocolate Making Kit to launch yourself into your own chocolatier career!

A word on cacao power

As chocolate goes, cacao is the purest form you can consume.As one of the highest sources of antioxidants and magnesium of all foods, it’s no wonder this particular superfood seems to be constantly gaining popularity.

The pods that grow on the hallowed ‘Theobroma Cacao’ fruit tree are typically cracked open to release the cacao beans. These can then be turned into butter, paste or our much-loved cacao powder: perfect for adding depth and substantial nutrition to almost any sweet treat, from smoothies to homemade cakes.

For more information, including how to these chocolate products them to the fullest, take a look at our individual cacao and cocoa butter, paste and powder pages.

We're full of beans, butter and nibs

We provide a comprehensive range of high quality organic cocoa beans, cacao nibs and delicious cocoa butters. In terms of chocolate baking supplies, you should find all the essentials you need.

If dessert making is your thing, or even your profession, you may want to explore our huge range of baking and cooking ingredients, dried fruits, nuts & seeds and our huge range of speciality foods.

Bulk buy your chocolate supplies

Please note that we supply a large selection of cost-effective bulk buy chocolate products in various sizes. We regularly create wholesale chocolate delivery plans to suit the varying needs of businesses throughout the UK. Contact our experienced suppliers to discuss your options and secure the most convenient supply arrangements for you.

Consistent quality chocolate guaranteed

Whether you’re stocking the kitchen cupboard or bulk buying cacao for your business, your best chocolate-based recipes need reliable, consistently produced ingredients.

Our team have specialised in the supply and delivery of natural wholefood products since 2007. We only use trusted cacao and chocolate suppliers with a proven track record of delivering top quality produce and carefully monitor every aspect of our service, from sourcing and production to transportation and packing.


“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”
Linda Grayson

Please note: We will sometimes temporarily stop selling some products in hot weather. This is to avoid any drop in quality due to temperature changes during the shipping process. Whilst we do our very best to keep chocolate and yoghurt coated products chilled in our warehouse, during transit the temperatures are beyond our control and products may melt, please bear this in mind when ordering.


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