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Brazil Nuts

Brazils are one of the grandest, most special nuts of all. Hailing from South America (mainly Brazil, Guianas and eastern Bolivia) they have long since enjoyed worldwide fame both for their healthiness and amazing natural flavour. Sweet and savoury uses abound, and as our customers will testify: organic Brazil nuts are a must-have ingredient, which open up endless culinary potential, regardless of your tastes, preferences and daily dietary habits.

Benefits of Brazil nuts

On average, Brazil nuts are about 19% protein, 14% carbohydrates, and 67% fat. The brazil nut’s fat breakdown is roughly 26% saturated, 33% polyunsaturated, and 40% monounsaturated – although all nut fats have been associated with body boosting properties. They are very rich in various minerals and are an excellent source of selenium. They are also a plentiful source of magnesium and thiamine.

Brazil nut uses and recipes

Brazil nuts are easily as versatile as any other nut, which is why we sell not only different sizes, but also a choice of broken or whole Brazils. Let’s take a look at some superb uses and recipes to whet the appetite…

  • Snack on them raw
  • Scatter broken Brazils into salads, porridge, puddings and baked goods
  • Soak them to make them even healthier and easier to digest
  • Make satisfying nut roasts
  • Make ultra-tasty roasted oven snacks. We recommend adding a touch of oil, fresh lemon or lime and a variety of spices. Cumin, coriander, garlic powder, chili powder, fenugreek, paprika, turmeric, black pepper and Himalayan salt will all work beautifully – but this is by no means the limit of your possibilities!
  • Create vegan cheese, pesto and other full-flavoured favourites
  • Supercharge your breakfasts! High protein food is renowned to be the perfect kick-starter for any day. And pleasingly, cereal, porridge and energy bars, all flourish with this titan of nuts.
  • These nuts can also be pressed to release their healthy oils, and create a creamy, spreadable and super-delicious butter. Just whip them up in your blender and enjoy! (For more instructions, see the simple instructions in the recipe below)

Brazil nut butter

Whizz up these top-quality organic nuts in a blender until you have a gorgeous spread, tasty at any time!

Perfect pesto

This is a gorgeous recipe, making great use of both pumpkin seeds and your brilliant Brazils. It’s vegan-friendly and as creamily sumptuous as any pesto recipe should be!

Raw chocolate classic

Chocolate Brazils are many people’s first exposure to this unique treat. Use our simple chocolate recipe to ‘bathe’ your organic Brazils in goodness.

The fun and food heaven does not end there. Check out some of our very own delicious Brazil nut recipes!

Did you know…?

Brazil nuts are produced from an extremely large tree which can grow up to 45 meters tall, with a trunk measuring 2 metres in diameter. Not only that: Brazil nut trees can even reach the age of 1000 years.


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