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Bitter Apricot Kernel Powder

Sometimes known as apricot seeds, apricot pips or raw apricot seeds, apricot kernels are packed full of nutrients including laetrile B17. They are both tasty and healthy, with a flavour similar to almonds. All types of apricot kernels can be eaten either ground up, added to drinks or cereals, or simply chewed as a nutritious snack.

Bitter apricot kernels are one of the world's richest natural sources of amygdalin (B17). Sweet apricot kernels contain B17 too, but in less quantities. This means they taste much sweeter and more like almonds.

Out of the variety of places which produce dried apricot seeds, Hunza apricot kernels are regarded as some of the best. Our apricot kernels are always of optimum standard and quality.

It is recommended by the Foods Standards Agency, that no more than two apricot kernels are eaten a day.

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