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Bee Pollen Grains

Bee Pollen Granules

Did you know bee pollen is one of the most nutritious foods known to man and woman? We were shocked and impressed to learn this too. In fact, bee pollen’s nutrition is so amazingly balanced, it is widely considered a complete survival food in itself. It’s full of healthy minerals, vitamins and other elements. And astonishingly, the protein profile of bee pollen is considered completely complete – with a more essential amino acids than any single meat source! Power to the flower and whoopee to the bees! Please read on for more nutritional info and culinary insight…

Why buy bee pollen?

For starters, it’s a true superfood, packed with goodness. If you take healthy eating seriously, buying bee pollen grains should be a no-brainer. Let us give you a snapshot of it’s key nutritional elements and plus-points, which should inspire you to stock up right away.

While bee pollen is typically food for bees, and is the building blocks of honey, it's an excellent foodstuff for humans too. And if you haven't heard about its sheer amazing goodness, you may be astonished. Bee Pollen is absolutely loaded with nutrients. To be relatively precise, this can include as many as 18 vitamins,  25 minerals, 59 trace elements, 25 minerals, 11 enzymes, a rich source of essential fatty acids, and all the essential amino acids.

And aside from those body- and soul-nourishing facts, bee pollen has a surprising number of applications in the kitchen and beyond…

How to use bee pollen in your everyday diet

Some of our favourite uses for bee pollen grains are:

  • Make great homemade chocolate
  • Push the healthiness of your smoothies and juices off the charts!
  • Add a quick supplement to your diet. This is particularly great if you find yourself up against the busy tides and currents of life. And if just feel you could up your healthy eating game, a daily dose of bee pollen would be an admirable move.


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