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Almond Butter

Move aside, peanut butter - almond butter is fast becoming our most favourite nut butter of all. No nut can compete with super-healthy almonds for sheer nutritional density. And better yet, when almond is ground into a powder, paste of butter – its nutrients become much more “bioavailable”. This means your body can absorb even more goodness than usual. Almond butter is awash with healthy properties, and more uses than you could count…

Almond butter uses and recipes

You probably don’t need us to tell you that there are so many great uses for this amazing superfood. But here is a reminder of some of your many options – plus one tasty recipe for good measure…

  • Spread almond butter onto your toast (a very obvious but always-satisfying use)
  • Bake it into cakes and puddings
  • Cook amazing stir-fries and other fried vegetable dishes
  • Blend it into smoothies with flavours like banana, chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla
  • Create nutty, nutritious snack bars and energy balls
  • Bake marvellous muffins, brownies, cookies and cakes
  • Create some very novel savoury roasted vegetable treats using aubergine, cauliflower and other robust veg
  • Use it to make both sweet and savoury sauces
  • Make an almond glaze for your favourite sweet snacks
  • Drizzle onto fresh fruit salads
  • Eat a spoonful right out of the jar!

Clean Eating Snickers Bar

Quell that post-snack sweet-tooth guilt, by opting for a mean and clean version of a classic UK chocolate bar. It’s raw, full of nutrition and although naturally sugary, it’s a relatively low-GI treat.

We’re sure you have plenty more uses and ingenious recipes using this most magical of wholefoods. Care to share them with our fellow European customers – and the wider food-loving world? Please upload your almond butter recipes to your blog or favourite social media sites (we’re active on all the main ones) – and tag us up!

For now, please enjoy your delicious, top-notch natural and organic almond butter products!


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