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Agar Agar

As well as being one of the best gelatine substitutes to use in your cooking, Agar Agar is a highly effective a thickening agent. By stocking up top quality agar agar supplies you’ll be able to thicken, round-off and generally bring together a massive range of recipes. Do you like the idea of making homemade vegetarian sweets, jellies, jams, custard or ice cream? How about extra-delicious savoury dishes like as soup, stews, or even caviar? In all cases, this super-flexible wholefood will serve you well!

Handy and dandy

Agar Agar, or “Gelidella Acerosa” to use its beautiful Latin name, is a fantastic vegetarian and vegan gelatine substitute. Pleasingly, its melting point is much higher than traditional gelatine, making it much more practical. For example, if you like melt-in-the-mouth jellies (instead of distinctly chewy ones) agar agar may be the perfect sweet-treat ingredient you’ve been looking for.

Did you know…?

Agar agar was first discovered in 17th century Japan by Minora Tanzaemon, where it is known as ‘Kanten’. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, this special product is made from unique red algae that is plentiful in this region.


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    Agar Agar

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