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About Us

Please Note: Buy Whole Foods Online has no affiliation with either Amazon or "Whole Foods Market". We are proud to say we are a family run, indepentant business and we run our company with the highest values and ethics in mind.

Buy Whole Foods Online is an international health food supplier, based in Minster, Ramsgate, North East Kent. We deliver top quality natural and organic wholefoods, and related healthy living products, directly to homes and businesses across the UK and Europe.

From shed to success

At heart, BWFO has always been a family-run business. A shared love for wholefoods led cousins Arthur Martin and Joe Cooper to create the company back in 2007. Aside from their fairly significant experience in the industry, Arthur and Joe started with a bare minimum of resources (and a massive amount of passion), working from a modest back-garden shed rented from Joe’s parents, which they proceeded to transform into a mini-warehouse. From these humble beginnings, they never looked back. The company grew incredibly quickly from year to year, developing into the ever-successful wholefoods company it is today.

January 2011 brought an end to the makeshift shed and the exciting move to their first commercial warehouse. In October 2011, having outgrown this site, they moved into a much larger warehouse on the same site, which would become their home for the next 5 years!

In 2014, BWFO acquired a new warehouse for the bulk-order packing machine, allowing a greater efficiency of work between small and bulk products, and amid growing success throughout 2015, an additional warehouse was sought and secured. This created greater independence between organic, non-organic and bulk order processing, as each had its own dedicated area in the Canterbury site.

However, within a matter of months, further expansion was urgently required to meet ever-growing customer demand.

New horizons

In August 2016, preparations began on customising a brand new 25,000 square-foot warehouse in Minster, Ramsgate. In December 2016, over the very brief lull in business which seasonally occurs between Christmas day and New Year’s Day, all assets, including stock, computers, machinery and other resources were swiftly (and carefully) relocated into the brand new warehouse.

New warehouse panorama

This long-needed expansion was relished by BWFO staff, as it provided an even brighter, fresher and more spacious environment – bringing new capabilities and possibilities with it. Perhaps most crucially, it finally allowed the company to more easily fulfil its ever-growing customer following. Of course, with the future in mind, the warehouse is continuing to accommodate the continual expansion of the business and of the wholefoods sector as a whole.

Buy Whole Foods Online continue to promote a strong family feel between staff and we are proud to provide quality products, great service and good customer interaction. 

Thank you for all your continued support! We couldn't have done it without you.

About the owners

Joe Cooper has extensive experience and expertise in both marketing and design across various platforms. His primary focuses are the website, user experience, design, marketing activities and all interactions between the company and our many European customers.

Arthur Martin has over 25 years of experience in the wholefoods industry. He is always on site as the warehouse manager, dealing with everything from produce supply and selection, to quality control, staff coordination and all warehouse operations.

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